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We're big believers in lifelong learning.

We welcome all parents raising Jewish children, regardless of family background, disability or sexual orientation. Finances should not be a barrier to Jewish education  - please contact us to discuss options that respect both your family situation and our community resources. 


Nashira Education Project (4-12)


Nashira means "let us sing". We offer:

  • 18 Sunday sessions per year starting in October – including art, stories and games
  • Vibrant holiday celebrations with our synagogue community
  • Age appropriate lessons in Torah, ethics, Jewish culture and Hebrew
  • Opportunities for social action and tikkun olam
  • Connection to a warm and welcoming Jewish environment


We will not be meeting in person for regular classes at this time. 

Our spring program has two components:


Jewish Studies

Pre-k through 6th grade

Online classes will complement at-home projects, balancing the need for communal connection with the need to minimize screen time. 

We will be using a curriculum which focuses on Jewish values and texts as the foundation to building resilience and well-being. For more information on this special curriculum, which has been designed in response to the stress families are experiencing during the pandemic, click HERE

Tuition: $90* per student, which includes materials 



4th through 6th grades

Hebrew lessons will be conducted chevruta style--that is, in small study groups working with a tutor, all virtually until further notice. 

Tuition: $144* per student


*non-members will be charged an additional $25 administrative fee per student


Spring Nashira Classes will be held online during the following weeks:

February 7, 14, 21
March 7, 14, 21
April 11, 18, 25
May 2 

For more information on the Nashira Project please contact our Education Director Rachael Walkinshaw.

Finances should not stand in the way of Jewish education. No one is turned away for a lack of ability to pay. If you'd like to have a conversation about a scholarship, please contact Administrative Director Katie Schneider


B'Nai Mitzvah

The terms bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah mean “liable to the commandments”. According to Jewish tradition, a girl reaches this status at the age of twelve and a half, and a boy at the age of thirteen. Generally, this is considered to be the age at which students develop the ability to take responsibility for their own ethical behavior.

Students work with the Rabbi and their Hebrew tutors to prepare for the day on which they are called to the Torah for the first time. The Shir Tikvah community welcomes these new members on behalf of Am Israel (The People of Israel).

Parent/s and children should make the decision together that marking your child’s commitment to becoming an adult member of the Jewish community in general, and the Shir Tikvah community in particular, is something the family finds meaningful.

Preparations at Shir Tikvah include:

  • family membership in good standing for 2 years prior to the event
  • weekly meetings with a tutor for a year or more prior to the event
  • 1-on-1 meetings with the Rabbi and staff
  • work on a Mitzvah Project
  • attendance at Junior Minyan and Shabbat services the year before the event

Junior Minyan

As the focus for your student shifts from the classroom to the synagogue, Shir Tikvah offers a specialized time for students to meet with their cohort, their teacher and their community.

On the second Saturday of every month (except July) Junior Minyan will meet in the library at the synagogue. Students and their families will be expected to attend between now and their bar/bat mitzvah.  (Parents need to get oriented to Shabbat morning practice as well!) Students are also encouraged to attend services when their peers are being called to the Torah.

Rivkah Coburn will lead students during the first hour, weaving together prayer and Torah study. Students will join Rabbi and the rest of the community the second hour for the regular morning Shabbat Torah service.

More information about the ritual and celebratory aspects:



Adult Education

Please see our calendar for Adult Education opportunitities. 

Sat, June 19 2021 9 Tammuz 5781