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Congregation Shir Tikvah FAQs

1. Who do I talk to if I have questions about membership?

Practical questions about membership can be directed to either Amelia Schroth, operations manager, or Ruthie Prasil, Executive Director. Ruthie can also help with questions of financial aid or put you in touch with a congregant to get an additional perspective. 

If your membership questions touch on spiritual matters and questions, please reach out to Rabbi Ariel directly. 


2. What are the specifics of the Shir Tikvah Fair Share policy?

•If an individual or family’s adjusted gross income is $40,000 or less, we ask you to pay 1% of that per year. (For example, a family earning $20,000 has yearly dues of $200.) 

•If an individual or family's adjusted gross income is  above $40,000, we ask you to pay  2% of adjusted gross income, with a cap at $4000. (For example, a family earning $75,000 pays yearly dues of $1,500.)


3. How do I calculate my adjusted gross income?

Your household's adjusted gross income can be found on your 1040 tax form. 


4. Do you expect an additional contribution to a building fund? 

We ask new members to pay into our Keren Zeriyah (Seed Fund). This fund is restricted to expenses related to Shir Tikvah's long-term financial stability. This payment is equivalent to 1 full year's worth of dues, spread out over 3 years. 


4. What if circumstances make it difficult for me to to pay my fair share?

As a kehillah kedoshah (holy community), it is a mitzvah to make membership as accessible as possible. Financial need should never be a barrier to joining or participating in our school programs. Reach out to our Executive Director or our Rabbi with any questions. 


5. What about people who join mid-year?

Annual support is pro-rated for members who join after the beginning of our fiscal year (which is now July 1). Simply calculate your annual dues, divide by 12, and then multiply by the number of full months remaining until the end of the fiscal year (which will be June 30, 2024).

One third of your Keren Zeriyah (Seed Fund) commitment should be paid upon joining, regardless of when you join. Subsequent payments for KZ are due at the start of our fiscal year.


6. When are payments due?

You can decide on the timing and method of payments during the joining process. We offer a convenient echeck or credit card payment for monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Recurring payments can be set up to occur any day between the first and the twenty fifth days of the month.


7. What if a member’s financial picture changes unexpectedly during the year?

If there is a change in your household income — up or down — during your membership, please be in touch with the office to change your dues accordingly. We're flexible - we just need to know what is going on. 

Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784