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Congregation Shir Tikvah FAQs

1. Who do I talk to if I have questions about membership?

Call the Shir Tikvah office at 503.473.8227. We’ll do our best to help clarify whatever is puzzling.


2. What are the specifics of the Shir Tikvah Fair Share policy?

•If an individual or family’s total household income (THI) is $20,000 or less,

support is 1% of “THI.”

•If THI is $20,001-$30,000, support is 1 ½%

•If THI is more than $30,000, support is 2%, with a maximum of $3000.


3. How do I calculate my total household income?

The gross income (before taxes and deductions) used to support household living expenses. It includes wages, self-employment earnings, and pension income, but not investments earnings unless it’s used for living expenses.


4. Aren’t the Fair Share guidelines just a suggestion for determining my financial support of Shir Tikvah?

No, it is the resource upon which we depend to create our annual budget. As members of a small but full-service congregation, we all are mutually dependent for Shir Tikvah’s existence upon our contributions of support according to the fair-share formula.


5. What about people who join mid-year?

Annual support is pro-rated for members who join after the beginning of our fiscal year (October 1). Simply calculate your annual dues, divide by 12, and then multiply by the number of full months remaining until next Sept 30.

One third of your Keren Zeriyah (Seed Fund) commitment should be paid upon joining, regardless of when you join. Subsequent payments for KZ are due at the start of our fiscal year.


6. When are payments due?

Payments are due on the 1st of the month corresponding to your choice of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment cycle. We offer a convenient echeck or credit card payment for monthly, quarterly or annual payments.


7. What if a member’s financial picture changes unexpectedly during the year?

If there is a change in your household income — up or down — during your membership, you should adjust your dues accordingly. Just alert the Administrative Director. If you have adjusted your support accordingly and are still unable to meet your pledge of support to Shir Tikvah, you should contact the Rabbi in confidence to explore the possible support Shir Tikvah can offer you to meet your pledge.

Sat, July 11 2020 19 Tammuz 5780