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About Our Services

All of our services are open to everyone.

Members, you will find the Zoom links in the "My Account" section of this website.

Guests, you can register for links with our office  by the close of business Thursday.

Our philosophy for online services centers around the concept of davvening "individually together." Though we are in our separate homes, we endeavor to create a sense of true companionship, and to support one another through this difficult time. Our online gathering is an intentionally welcoming space, so if you're a new or infrequent participant, don't be shy about joining.

Shabbat Morning - Saturday @ 10:30 am

We are adapting our minhag (customs) with great thoughtfulness for coronavirus times, and striving to find meaningful connection through our davvening online. Our weekly Shabbat morning services are participatory, not live-streamed from a mostly-empty building; each of us, including those leading services, is joining from home. Both lay leaders and clergy contribute to leading prayers, chanting Torah (from a chumash) and Haftorah, and offering a d'var. At the conclusion of the service, we each bring our wine or grape juice and challah, and take a few minutes to check in with one another over kiddush. 

Book: We use our own Shir Tikvah Siddur. Contact the office to request a copy if you don't have one at home. We are also making a digital copy available during the pandemic: download the PDF here.


Monday, Wednesday and  Friday

Weekday Minyan - M/W @ noon

This is our weekday opportunity to pray, support those who are in mourning and need to recite kaddish, and to check in with the community. The mincha service is short; it includes Ashrei, a silent weekday Amidah, Tachanun, and Aleinu. After our 15 minutes of prayer, everyone is welcome to stay on Zoom for lunch. 

Book: We use the daily siddur By The Shore of a Western Sea. Contact Rabbi Ariel to request a copy or order directly here.

For services on other weekdays, see our list of community resources in the greater Portland area.

Erev Shabbat - Fridays @ 4:30 pm (fall and winter)

Rabbi Ariel hosts an 18-minute candlelighting to bring in Shabbat together. Whether you have lit candles every Friday night for years or this is your first time observing Shabbat in this way, you are welcome to join in for a quiet moment of celebration. 

We are not currently holding Friday evening services, but continue to gauge interest among our membership. 

Additional Reading and Resources

A Prayer for Healing  during the time of Covid-19

Takkanah  during the time Covid-19. (A rabbinical ruling for extraordinary circumstances.)

Sun, January 16 2022 14 Shevat 5782