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When the ancient Israelites came together to build the mishkan, they gave freely from the heart. They each brought a piece of themselves to create a space for the Divine.

At Shir Tikvah, the members of our community build a version of this space; a place where we study, celebrate and mourn together. Membership dues, volunteer hours and additional donations make it possible for us to do the vital work of educating our children and doing mitzvot.

We are well aware that, these days, synagogue membership can feel more like an obstacle rather than a free will offering. At the same time, contributions to this community are not the same as joining a gym or taking a class. We are building a shared Jewish future, in which each contributes a fair amount.   

At  Shir Tikvah, we take pains to balance our financial needs with the Jewish values of community and diversity. We are very proud of our Fair Share Dues policy, a sliding scale which recognizes the dignity of each community member.

We invite you to take the first step toward joining Shir Tikvah. 

Fair Share Dues Structure:

If Total Household Income is more than $30,000, dues are 2%, with a cap of $3000.
If Total Household Income is $20,001-$30,000, dues are 1.5%.
If Total Household Income is $20,000 or less, dues are 1%.

Seed Fund:
An additional investment over the first 3 years of membership, based on the same sliding scale. 

Lack of funds should never be a barrier to membership. Please contact Katie Schneider or Rabbi Ariel Stone directly to have a conversation about options for support. 





Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779