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Portland's Eastside Synagogue 

Congregation Shir Tikvah is a mid-sized independent congregation. Our founders envisioned a participatory, learning community and we work hard to fulfill that promise. At less than 20 years old, we're the "start up" in Portland's Jewish Community. . 

Our neighborhoods are diverse and so are our supporters. They come from across the Jewish spectrum: Jew-by-birth, Jew-by-choice, gay, straight, interfaith, atheist, devout believer. We welcome all who want to grapple with the beauty and contradictions of our sacred texts to better understand our faith, our world and our place in it.

Shir Tikvah means "song of hope". We gather strength from each other and our tradition.


Currently, our services and study are "All Access", which means many in our community join in-person. Others join in via Zoom. 

For up-to-date listings of all of our services and activities, please check our calendar.

Guests: You request Shabbat Zoom links to be on our weekly newsletter by contacting our operations manager Amelia Schroth.

Vaccination and boosters required for all eligible individuals
Stay home and ZOOM in if you are exhibiting signs of illness or unable to be vaccinated. Respect social distancing. 

At the recommendation of the Multnomah County health officials, wearing masks is strongly encouraged while indoors. 

Respect social distancing.  

We are 2/3 of the way done with one-time fundraising effort to raise a $1.1 million endowment to support our long-term stability and growth in our new space.

We have raised over $717K in pledges and donations,  but need your help to be successful. Your contribution will support prayer, study and social justice on the Eastside for generations to come. 


Meet our Interim Gabbai

We are pleased to announce that  Marisa Debowsky will step into the position of Interim Gabbai during Ronit Scheyer's maternity leave. 

The original gabbaim collected temple taxes for the Roman government. At Shir Tikvah, our gabbai helps services to run smoothly. This includes leading some prayers, calling congregants up to the Torah and being on hand with a voweled version of the text to ensure that all words are pronounced correctly. 

The Rabbi and Gabbai work together to mentor our community members, encouraging the development of skills necessary to participate in prayer and study. 


Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782