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Portland's Eastside Synagogue 

Congregation Shir Tikvah is a mid-sized independent congregation. Our founders envisioned a participatory, learning community and we work hard to fulfill that promise. At less than 20 years old, we're the "start up" in Portland's Jewish Community. . 

Our neighborhoods are diverse and so are our supporters. They come from across the Jewish spectrum: Jew-by-birth, Jew-by-choice, gay, straight, interfaith, atheist, devout believer. We welcome all who want to grapple with the beauty and contradictions of our sacred texts to better understand our faith, our world and our place in it.

Shir Tikvah means "song of hope". We gather strength from each other and our tradition.

We're On The Move

Congregation Shir Tikvah and the Eastside Jewish Commons (EJC) are pleased to announce that we are  moving into a new space at 2420 NE Sandy Blvd. The Sandy Boulevard property offers 13,000 square feet, natural light, and plenty of room for worship, classes, activities, and more. Our joint vision is to create a vibrant and welcoming eastside center for Jewish life.

The official move from Bridgeport UCC is scheduled for April 21st. 

We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and will follow Oregon Health Authority precautions as we gradually open the Commons facility. 




If you are struggling with the economic effects of the Coronavirus, there are Jewish community resources available to you. Please follow this link to find out more. COVID related Community Resources.

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If you need a text from shul - Torah, Talmud or a prayerbook - please be in touch. We'll help get you what you need.   

Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyyar 5781