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What do you want from your kehillah  (community)? We could use your insights and ideas.

In this community, we are all needed. Volunteers keep Shir Tikvah running. Giving a few hours of your time here and there not only strengthens our community, it’s a fun and easy way to get to know others here. As you attend services and events, please ask questions of anyone you see in kitchen, moving furniture or greeting folks at the door.

Need a phone number or email address? See your member directory for contact information or ask Amelia Schroth for help.

Committees and Working Groups


Steering Committee

Co-chairs: Aron Borok   and  Leora Troper 
Treasurer: Percy Wise      Secretary: Randy Bluffstone

Bruce Birk
Lisa Spiegel
Bonnie Robbins
Susan Silodor
Judy Siviglia


Yad l’Yad: Hand to Hand

Provides the emotional and physical support needed when members experience a hardship in life. Visiting the sick, running errands, providing meals, transportation, writing letters, or even making phone calls are great ways to help our members in need.


Tefilah (Prayer and Ritual) Committee

Educates our members about Jewish prayer and ritual practice, develops our siddurim and makhzorim, and supports our congregational prayer and ritual life.


Kesher Committee

Welcomes new members, often acts as ushers and greeters at our numerous events. Kesher folks work with new members to help them become familiar with the Shir Tikvah family.


K’vod haMeyt Cemetery Committee

Maintains our cemetery in partnership with Congregation P’nai Or and Kol Shalom and takes the lead in the mitzvot of helping to bury the dead and comfort the bereaved. (download the cemetery brochure.)


Fundraising Events 

No synagogue can survive on dues alone. This group of volunteers raises extra money needed to keep our services and education programs accessible to everyone.




Eastside Jewish Commons 
Congregation Shir Tikvah actively supports the Eastside Jewish Community, envisioning a new kind of Jewish space east of the Willamette River. 

Congergation Shir Tikvah is the fiscal sponsor of Tisch PDX, mentoring millenial entrepenuers as they build Jewish community among unaffiliated Jews on the Eastside. 

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Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779