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Shul Books

A Jewish home is a home with Jewish books. Whether your home is big or small, making room for a few of the most important books of Judaism ensures you are never without the chance to learn, to pray, to muse, to connect with your tradition. With these books, you connect to your Shir Tikvah community as well.


Siddur (for Shabbat as well as weekday evenings)

Owning your own copy of the Shir Tikvah siddur allows you to mark favorite passages, familiarize yourself with the structure of Jewish prayer, contemplate Jewish theology, or just work on a few Hebrew words on your own time. Not to mention all the great prose and poetry our editors chose so carefully to enhance the liturgy.


Machzor Lev Shalem (for the High Holy Days)

Our makhzor for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur is available to you at our member's price. It includes home rituals as well as all the prayers for the Days of Awe.


Haggadah "A Different Night" (compact)

We use this Haggadah when we hold a congregational Second Seder. Having your own means you can use it first night too!


Benchers (Erev Shabbat Songbook) - Melodies here

Erev Shabbat table prayers and songs are not memorized; every Shabbat table has a bencher (Yiddish) for each person. Shir Tikvah's includes many traditional melodies as well as options for contemporary variations.


Pirke Avot

Every year between Shavuot and Rosh HaShanah, this collection of ancient rabbinic ethical teachings from the Mishnah is studied instead of the more complex Talmud. With this version you can join Shir Tikvah's yearly learning.


Because All is One

In Because All Is One Ariel Stone reveals within the teachings of Jewish mysticism a grounding for the scattered parts of modern human identity. She has created a guide for individual tikkun, self-repair, out of the ancient Jewish doctrine of the sefirot. She demonstrates how immersing oneself in age-old wisdom can help us make sense of every aspect of life, and how learning to see the veils in one’s life allows us to push them aside to seek deeper truths and more compelling visions of the possible. (from the publisher)


The Alef Bet of Dying

Dying is not a moment at the end of life, but instead a path lined with opportunities to reflect, explore, and contemplate. In an insightful guidebook on the meaning of death, Rabbi Ariel Stone shares spiritual commentary, Jewish stories, and other writings that provide information and inspiration about the process of death as seen through the prism of Jewish learning and culture. Through stories of those who have gone before us and a step-by-step process that addresses the spiritual significance of death, Stone offers ways to think, feel, and wonder about death while inviting the dying to overcome fears and view the end of earthly life as an opportunity to repent, reflect on the influence we have upon others, and find peace as our light merges with the eternal light. "The Alef-Bet of Death: Dying as a Jew" is a valuable guide that teaches the meaning of death in the Jewish tradition while offering clarity, light, and comfort to those walking the often vague and dark path to dying. (from the publisher)

Also available at Broadway Books


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